Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Look Beautiful Without Make-Up

Many women will not consider leaving the house without full make-up, whist some women never wear make-up and others wear it when they have the time or for special occasions.  Although make-up is great for enhancing a woman’s natural beauty, it is not essential to spend 20 minutes every morning applying make-up in order to look great.
Treat from the inside
Skin is a great indicator as to what is happening beneath its surface.  For instance, if a person eats a lot of foods containing toxins, one of the exit routes of those toxins is via the skin.  This creates spots.  Lack of sleep will cause dark circles.  So to get even, fresh looking skin, it is important to eat healthily, drink lots of water to help naturally flush the body’s system and ensure enough sleep is being had each night.  Experts recommend 8 hours sleep each night to increase overall wellbeing.

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